Adult Ministries

Adult Bible Fellowships

Our Adult Bible Fellowships meet on Sunday mornings at 9:45 AM. They will help you learn about the Bible and the basics of the Christian life in a setting that encourages questions and discussion. Adult Bible Fellowships will help you to get to know others in the church by providing additional times of fellowship after class. A safe, loving nursery is provided during all classes. We also have a Sunday School program for pre-k through 12th grade during classes. 

Who is Your God?

Is God a demanding, angry despot or is He your faithful, trustworthy Father? We will be looking at several attributes of God and how they uphold and encourage women to walk daily for His glory.

This class will run December 2nd - February 24th

 - Taught by Tara Potter in the Adult Education Room (corner classroom, down the hallway to the left of the foyer)

Theology 3

Reinhold, Dan Pastor

What does it mean when we say Jesus died for our sins? How does God’s sovereignty in salvation fit with our responsibility? Can salvation be lost? Who is the Holy Spirit? Are all the gifts of the Spirit still active today?

These are some of the questions we will be considering in the third of a series of four classes on theology. It is not necessary to have attended the first two classes to join the third class. We will cover the theology of salvation and the Holy Spirit. 

This class will run December 2nd - February 24th

- Taught by Dan Reinhold in the Worship Center


Brad Thompson Crop_3

You’re a Christian. Now what?  Paul’s letter to the Ephesians has the answer. The church at Ephesus had been established during Paul’s two-year stay. They heard the call, they believed, and they turned away from their old idols and practices.  Now Paul writes to remind them of where they stand in the family of God and how to behave as members of that family.

This class will run December 9th - February 24th

- Taught by Brad Thompson in the Fellowship Hall