Adult Ministries

Adult Bible Fellowships

Our Adult Bible Fellowships meet on Sunday mornings at 9:45 AM. They will help you learn about the Bible and the basics of the Christian life in a setting that encourages questions and discussion. Adult Bible Fellowships will help you to get to know others in the church by providing additional times of fellowship after class. A safe, loving nursery is provided during all classes. We also have a Sunday School program for pre-k through 12th grade during classes. 

Expecting to See Jesus

The main premise of this study is that whether through death or the Rapture, our faith will one day become sight.  Therefore, we should live our lives awed at His glory, with an awareness that we are always in His presence, and with the expectation that we might be seeing Jesus at any minute. 

This class will run September 2nd - November25th

 - Taught by Renae Salazar in the Adult Education Room (corner classroom, down the hallway to the left of the foyer)

Fostering the Harvest

Reinhold, Dan Pastor

Fostering the Harvest will equip and motivate Christians to share the gospel in the context of natural redemptive relationships.  Topics include: overcoming barriers to evangelism, learning the substance of the gospel, bridging to conversations about Christ, and more. 

This class will run September 2nd - November 25th

- Taught by Dan Reinhold in the Fellowship Hall


Dan ABF1_edit 2

Have you ever felt confused by the Old Testament sacrificial system?  The book of Hebrews shows clearly that Jesus was the fulfillment of that system and serves as the great high priest making the great sacrifice of His own life. 

This class will run September 2nd - November 25th

- Taught by Harley Bennett in the Worship Center