Veritas Core Classes and Electives

Certificate of Biblical Studies

The Certificate in Biblical Studies can be earned by completing all 6 core classes and any 2 additional electives. Although Veritas is not accredited, it may be possible to transfer completed courses to a Bible college or seminary.

Core Classes

One class per semester on a 3 year rotation

BS 101 Intro to the Old Testament

BS 201 The Gospels

BS 202 Acts and The Epistles of Paul

BS 203 The General Epistles and Revelation

TH 101 Survey of Bible Doctrine 1

TH 102 Survey of Bible Doctrine 2


Biblical Studies

102 Genesis 1-12

104 Wisdom, Hymnic, and Poetic Literature (Job, Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Song of Solomon)

105 Old Testament Prophets

Church History

101 Church History: Christ to the Reformation

102 Church History: Reformation to the Present

110 Contemporary American Churches

Ethics and Philosophy

101 Christian Evidences and Apologetics

175 Modern Christian Philosophy

185 Christian Ethics

Christian Living

101 Evangelism and Discipleship

110 Christian Dating and Marriage

111 Biblical Parenting

Ministry Development

101 Bible Study Methods

102 Applied Bible Study Methods

130 Philosophy and Practice of Missions

140 Biblical Preaching

150 Introduction to Biblical Counseling

160 Evangelism: How to Share Your Faith

170 Worship: Principles of Personal and Church Worship